We’re starting to get our October books in here at the library! So many great titles to look forward to!

Ham, Ken: Creation to Babel (creation science)
Swenson, Kate: Forever Boy (Autism & parenting)

Austin, Lynn: Long Way Home (Christian)
Brooks, Geraldine: Horse (General)
Cameron, Marc: Cold Snap (Thriller)
Carlson, Melody: Heartland Skies (Christian)
Cussler/Maden: Hellburner (Adventure)
Dailey, Janet: Paradise Peak (fill in, Romance)
Dailey, Janet: Quicksand (Romance)
Fielding, Joy: The Housekeeper (Thriller)
Griffin, Laura: Hidden (Thriller)
Hawker, Olivia: One for the Blackbird, One for the Crow (Historical)
Hawker, Olivia: The Rise of Light (Historical)
Henry, Emily: Book Lovers (Women’s)
Higgins, Kristan: Out of the Clear Blue Sky (Women’s)
Hoover, Colleen: Layla (Romance)
Kelly, Cathy: Other Women (Women’s)
King, Stephen: Fairytale (Horror)
King, Stephen: The Body (Horror)
Maas, Sarah J.: Heir of Fire (fill in, Fantasy)
Maas, Sarah J.: House of Earth & blood (fill in, Fantasy)
Michaels, Fern: Secrets (Mystery)
Oke, Janette: Unfailing Love (Christian)
Parker/Lupica: Fallout (Mystery)
Patterson, James: Shattered (Mystery)
Robards, Karen: The Girl from Guernica (Thriller)
Warren, Susan May: Sunrise (Christian)

Junior & Young Adult Reads
Reynolds, Aaron: Creepy Crayon (Children)
Reynolds, Aaron: Creepy Carrots (Children)
Reynolds, Aaron: Creepy Pair of Underwear (Children)
St. Clair, Scarlett: Touch of Darkness (Young Adult)
St. Clair, Scarlett: Touch of Ruin (Young Adult)