A Virtual Tour of Our Library

Our 'little' library has certainly changed since these images were taken... check back soon for updated images!

Introduction to the 360 Degree Virtual Tour of Our Library

Even though our library is not large; for a newcomer it still may feel a "little" overwhelming at first once you walk in the doors.  So we have created this visual "guide" to help you.

Provided are two areas of the library that you access the most; the library in general and our childrens area.  To get the best benefit out of this presentation you need to know have to navigate  through the tour.  You will need to know two things.

  1. How to "Click and Drag"
  2. Using a "Hotspot"

Nether of these two thing is especially difficult.  To "Click and Drag" all you have to is position your mouse over a area of the picture, click and hold the left mouse button  down, and move you mouse either to the left or the right - this will move the area of the picture accordingly either to the left or to the right.  Likewise, "Using a Hotspot" is just as easy. On the picture, you will see a number of circles which, when you place the mouse pointer over them, will "pop-up" with specific information about this area.


NOTE:  If you are having difficulty seeing what the picture is trying to show you;  move your mouse to the upper right hand side of the picture.  There you should see  a  "diagonal arrow".  Click on that arrow.  This will enlarge the picture to your full screen making navigation much easier.  To exit out of this enlarge screen view; either press the Esc key on your keyboard or again move your mouse to the upper right hand corner to the "arrow" and click on it.

Another known issue has to do with certain web browsers.  If you move the "hotspots" within the picture but the picture doesn't move accordingly;  the issue has a problem with certain website coding languages.  Please open the website with a different program such as Microsoft Edge.

The Library in General

Our Childrens Area