Our resource page is structured to help you find the information you need; links to other public websites that can better provide you with the specific information you are seeking as well as our own library information such as our FAQs.

Public Sites Links Page -
is organized by the service that is provided; whether it is governmental, charity,  educational,  or of some other type.  Then it is presented to to you in a "grid" format utilizing the particular agencies icon or symbol as well the title of the particular information that the link will "take" you to.

To access our Public Sites Links page, click here.  

Our FAQs -
simply provides information that our librarians have found to be consistently asked of them.  This includes how to access the library card catalog, what is required to setup an "e-book" account, fine charges, and other information that will help you "explore" our library and the services that are provided.

To access Our FAQs page, click here.

The Library's Card Catalogue -
is available to explore online!  Looking to see if we have a book you would like to read or if we have a reference material for a report; then the following link will take you there.

To explore the Fairview City Library Card Catalogue, click here.

The Library's Media Page -
is available to explore online! Looking for a past event, look no further.

To explore the Fairview City Library' Media Page, click here.

The Library's Policies and Regulations Page -
is available view our Libraries Policy and Regulations Manual and the City of Fairview Ordinances.

To explore the Library's Policies and Regulations Page, click here.