Our Resources....

Our resource page is structured to help you find the information you need; we have links to other public websites that can better provide you with the specific information you are seeking, as well as our own library information.

Public Sites Links Page -
-is organized by the service that is provided, whether it is governmental, charity,  educational,  or of some other type.  It is presented to to you in a "grid" format utilizing that particular agency's icon as well the type of information that agency provides.

To access our Public Sites Links page, click here.  

Our FAQs -
-provides information that our staff have found to be consistently asked of them.  This includes how to access the library card catalog, what is required to setup an "e-book" account, fine charges, and other information that will help you "explore" our library and the services that are provided.

To access Our FAQs page, click here.

The Library's Card Catalogue -
-is available to explore online!  If you're looking to see if we have a book you would like to read, or you are looking for reference material for a report, then the following link will take you there.

To explore the Fairview City Library Card Catalogue, click here.

The Library's Media Page -
-is available to explore online! Looking for a past event, program recording, or those awesome pictures, then look no further.

To explore the Fairview City Library' Media Page, click here.

The Library's Policies and Regulations Page -
-is available view our Libraries Policy and Regulations Manual and the City of Fairview Ordinances.

To explore the Library's Policies and Regulations Page, click here.