About Us

A Brief History…

Before there was a library in Fairview, there was a reading room. Many citizens of Fairview went to the reading room to read the current magazines and books of the era.
The Fairview Municipal Library was founded on April 9th, 1909, and the first library director was Miss Lucas.
Children’s services started in earnest in March 1917, with the addition of the “Children’s Hour.”
The library moved to the municipal auditorium in 1939.
The longest serving librarian was Miss Ula Frost from July 16th, 1912 to her retirement 43 years later in 1955.
Under the direction of Dee Wilson, the Fairview Library started offering “Summer Reading Programs” in the summer of 1982.

Motto: The Fairview City Library strives to fulfill the informational needs of all adults and children with the most desirable reading, current educational material, and activities with a friendly, personalized service to all patrons.

Meet Our Staff

Tamara Cornelsen: Our Library Director
Crystal Privette Crystal Privette: Our Youth Services Librarian
Plazie Williams Plazie (George) Williams – Assistant Librarian & IT Services


The Fairview City Library Board of Trustees is an advisory board appointed by the City Council.

The board meets in open session on the third Thursday of every month at 4:00pm in the city building complex. The public is invited and encouraged to attend and participate in these meetings.

Library Board members as of July, 2023: Tanya Roberts, Bev Heinrichs, Ann Martens, Tammy Kliewer, Margaret O’Malley.

Board meeting dates for 2024:
January 18th; February 15th; March 21st; April 18th; May 16th;
June 20th; July 18th; August 15th; September 19th; October 17th;
November 21st; December 19th.


The Friends Of The Fairview City Library is a volunteer group of women and men who are interested in the development and progress of the library services in Fairview. They conduct fundraisers, assist the library staff and provide improvements to the library for the use and benefit of the Citizens. The Friends meet the third Tuesday at 6:00 pm on April 16, 2024; August 20, 2024; October 15, 2024; January 21, 2025.   If you are interested in becoming a Friend Of The Library, please join us at the next meeting or talk with any of the library staff.