November & December 2023 Book Highlights

These last couple of months seem to have crept up on me and passed me right by!  Here is our list of books we’ve ordered for November and December. You might recognize a few requested titles &/or authors in here!

November 2023- Fiction
Archer, Jeffrey: Traitor’s Gate-William Warwick #6 (Historical Mystery)
Byler, Linda: A Tapestry of Love- New Directions #2 (Christian/Amish Romance)
Follett, Ken: The Armor of Light- Kingsbridge/Pillars of the Earth #4 (Historical)
Irvin, Kelly: The Heart’s Bidding- Amish Calling #1 (Christian/Amish Romance)
Koontz, Dean: After Death (Horror)
Mallery, Susan: The Sister Effect (Romance)
Peterson, Tracie: Finding Us- Pictures of the Heart #2 (Christian Historical)
Sandford, John: Judgment Prey- Prey/Lucas Davenport #33 (Mystery)

December 2023- NonFiction
Belim, Victoria: The Rooster House (Ukrainian Biography)
Duggar, Jill: Counting the Cost
Duggar Vuolo, Jinger: Becoming Free Indeed
Lowe, Keanon: Hometown Victory (High School Football)
O’Reilly/Dugard: Killing the Witches (History)

Carlson, Melody: A Royal Christmas (Christian Romance)
Grisham, John: The Exchange- Sequel to The Firm (Mystery)
Hawker, Olivia: October in the Earth (Historical)
Macomber, Debbie: Must Love Dogs (Romance)
Mallery, Susan: The Happiness Plan (Romance)
Palmer, Diana: Wyoming True- Wyoming Men #10 (Romance)
Patterson, James: 23 1/2 Lies-Women’s Murder Club #23 (Mystery)
Snelling, Lauraine: A Time to Bloom- Leah’s Garden #2 (Christian Historical Romance)
Verghese, Abraham: The Covenant of Water(Historical)
Wiggs, Susan: Sugar and Salt (Romance)
Wilkerson, Charmaine: Black Cake (Literary)
Woods/Battle: Obsession-Teddy Fay #6 (Mystery)

Our Library is Hoppin’!

The Fairview City Library has several activities planned for the upcoming months.
We hope you can enjoy them!
+Our Children’s Librarian will be hosting story time Tuesday mornings at 10am, open to all ages. It’s lots of fun!
+Also remember that we can help you with most technology questions- just stop by or call us.
+Saturday, Sept. 30th from 8am-2pm at the American Legion Bldg on 6th & Central our Friends will host their semi-annual Book & Bake Sale. If you have questions or want to volunteer or donate, call the library.
+Thursday, Oct. 12th, at 9:30am at the Community Center, we’ll be ‘Creepy Crawling Toward Halloween’! We’ll watch a movie, have a snack, do some crafts, and even check out the Alabaster Caverns’ Bat Grotto! All ages are welcome, and as with all library programs, kids 7 and under should be accompanied by a responsible older caregiver.
+Oct. 31st from 3pm-5pm, stop by the city building at the south entrance and check out our Haunted Bus Hallway, and get treats!
+On Monday, Nov. 6th, counselors from the Enid Area Agency on Aging will be available to help qualifying seniors with MediCare Rx sign ups. They will be helping on a first come, first served basis starting at 9am, with the last appointment starting no later than 3:30pm.
+Tues., Nov. 7th, at 10am at the Major County Historical Society we will be hosting our Annual Storytime Hayride. This is free and open to the public.
+If you have any questions about these or other library programs or services, please call us at the library. Our number is 580-227-2190.
We’re proud to be your library, and proud to serve you!

October 2023 Book Highlights

Books we’re looking forward to getting in October, 2023.
A few of these are patron recommendations!

Custer/Englar: The Speed of Air (Flight)
Hamm, Harold: Game Changer (donated by OERB)
Lewis, Dale: Footprints in the Dew (True Crime)

Byler, Linda: Weaving of Life- New Directions #1 (Christian)
Child/Preston: Dead Mountain-Nora Kelly #4 (Mystery)
Clancy/Bentley: Weapons Grade-Jack Ryan Jr #11 (Military)
Cussler/Brown: Condor’s Fury-NUMA Files #20 (Action)
Dailey, Janet: Texas Free-Tylers of Texas #5 (Romance)
Krueger, William Kent: The River We Remember (Historical)
Michaels, Fern: Liar!-Lost & Found #3 (Thriller)
Patterson/Born: Shattered-Michael Bennett #14 (Mystery)
Rollins, James: Tides of Fire-Sigma Force #17 (Military)

Parish, Herman: The New Amelia Bedelia #1-#5 (Humor)
Thaler, Mike: Black Lagoon ‘Magic Show’, ‘Slime’, ‘Spring Break’ (Humor)

September 2023 Book Highlights

Here are the books we’re getting in for September, 2023.
If there are any titles or authors you’d like to see, please let us know!

Grann, David: The Wager-A Tale of Shipwreck, Mutiny, & Murder

Brown, Carolyn: Texas Homecoming-Ryan Family #2 (Romance)
Coble, Colleen: Secrets at Cedar Cabin-Lavendar Tides #3 (Christian)
Dailey, Janet: Yes I Do-Enemy in Camp/Difficult Decision (Romance)
Deveraux, Jude: Meant to Be (Romance)
Finkbeiner, Susie: All American (Christian Historical)
Fox, Candice: Fire with Fire (Thriller)
George, Liana: Perfectly Matched-Hopeful Hearts #3 (Urban Christian)
Gray, Shelley, Shepard: Her Heart’s Desire-Season in Pinecraft #1 (Christian)
Higgins, Kristan: Little Ray of Sunshine (Women’s)
Holmes, L.P.: Singing Wires (Western)
McDaniel, Rachel S.: Starlet Spy-Heroines of World War II #11 (Historical)
Moore, Meg Mitchell: Summer Stage (Romance)
Palmer, Diana: The Loner-Long, Tall Texans #54 (Romance)
Patterson, James: Private Moscow-Private #15 (Thriller)
Patterson/DiLallo: Ninth Month (Thriller)
Shiloh, Toni: Love Script-Love in the Spotlight #1 (Urban Christian)
Steel, Danielle: Palazzo (Romance)
Vaughan, Robert: The Tenderfoot (Western)

Your Right to Read (What You Want)

Public libraries like ours are very invested in you as a reader.
Yeah, really!
We are all about helping you find what you want to read, regardless of what that is.  Librarians don’t judge you.  We’re just happy that you are reading.  We want you to be able to find what you are interested in, no matter what that is.

Because we believe that adults should be in charge of their own reading.  We don’t mean to be reactionary, honest. We believe that adults can decide for themselves if something is appropriate for them.  That means it is not up to us to limit what others have access to.  The best thing you can do if you find something on our shelf you don’t agree with is to just leave it.  We analyze our shelves regularly, trying to make sure we have what people want to check out. If something on our shelves is not checking out, we weed it.  We work hard to make sure we have the latest reading that our community wants- at least, to our best understanding.

And we are always open to suggestions!  If you’d like to see more of a particular author (I’m thinking Colleen Hoover or Olivia Hawker) just let us know. Did you find an author or series that doesn’t have all that cussing you hate reading?  Let us know- we’ll do our best to add it to the library’s collection. We’re sure you won’t be the only one looking forward to it.

We do our best for you, because we are proud to be your library!







Your Reading Journey

Librarians get really excited about books and reading.  I mean, we really love books. And reading.  And did I mention we really love books and reading?  Well, we do!  Librarians make no judgements about what you read. We believe that only you can decide what is right for you, and your children.   You know yourself best, and you know your child best. It is not our right to limit what you or your child can or cannot read.  If there is material that you don’t want to read, or let your child to have access to, we encourage you to exercise your right to leave it on the shelf. As librarians, our primary concern is always to make sure that you have the materials you want.  Our highest priority is to encourage a love a reading, and to help you on your reading journey.


Are we really nearly at school time already? My how time flies!
Here’s our book list for August, 2023.

Andrews, V.C.- Little Paula: Eden #2 (Horror)
Cameron, Marc- Breakneck: Arliss Cutter #5 (Mystery/Thriller)
Carr, Jack- Only the Dead: James Reece #6 (Military/Mystery)
Craig, Erin A.- The House of Salt & Sorrow: Sisters of the Salt (Fantasy)
Finkbeiner, Susie- The All-American (Christian Historical)
Gabhart, Ann H.- In the Shadow of the River (Christian)
George, Liana- Perfectly Matched: Hopeful Hearts #3 (Urban Christian)
Hlad, Alan- The Book Spy (Historical)
Jewell, Lisa- The Family Remains (Thriller)
Lu, Marie- Stars & Smoke (Fantasy)
McDaniel, Rachel S.- The Starlet Spy (Christian Historical)
Morton, Kate- Homecoming (Historical)
Nethercott, GennaRose- Thistlefoot (Fantasy)
Parker/Gaylin- Robert B. Parker’s Bad Influence (Mystery)
Score, Lucy- The Things We Hide from the Light (Literary)
Shiloh, Toni- Love Script (Urban Christian)
Ware, Ruth- Zero Days (Horror)
Wells, Lee E.- Danger Valley (Western)
Worth, Lenora- Pinecraft Refuge: Pinecraft Seasons #1 (Christian)

July 2023 Book List

We cannot believe we’re getting ready for July!  Don’t forget about our Summer Reading Program every Thursday in July from 10am-12pm next door at the Fairview Community Center!

Child, Brenda: Board School Seasons (Native history)
Colbert, Brandy: Blackbirds in the Sky (Tulsa Race Massacre)
Cottingham, Dale: Midwest Hymns (poetery, Oklahoma author)
Fine, Karen: The Other Family Doctor (veterinarians)
Glass, Kathy: A Life Lost (Child neglect & fostering)
Krawec/Estes: Becoming Kin (Native history)
Lomawaima, K.T.: They Called it Prairie Light (Native history)
Strathern, Paul: Mendeleyev’s Dream (chemistry)

Andrews, V.C.: Eden’s Children (Horror)
Baldacci, David: Simply Lies (mystery)
Carlson, Melody: Armando’s Treasure (Christian)
Carr, Robyn: The Country Guesthouse (Romance)
Clancy/Bentley: Flash Point (military mystery)
Cussler/Maden: Fire Strike (maritime mystery)
Dundee, Wayne D.: Rainrock Reckoning (western)
Hillerman, Anne: The Way of the Bear (Native mystery)
Hilliard, M.E.: The Unkindness of Ravens (mystery)
Hunter, Denise: Harvest Moon (Christian)
Hunter, Denise: A Novel Proposal (Christian)
Kepnes, Caroline: For You and Only You (Thriller)
McCauley, Terrence: Dark Sunrise (western)
McCauley, Terrence: Get Out of Town (western)
Patterson/Paetro: 23rd Midnight (mystery)
Score, Lucy: Things We Never Got Over (General)
Snelling, Lauraine: Seeds of Change (Christian)
Steel, Danielle: A Worthy Opponent (Romance)
Thayer, Nancy: All the Days of Summer (Women’s)
Turk, Marilyn: The Escape Game (historical
Webb, Heather: The Next Ship Home (historical)
Woods, Stuart: Near Miss (mystery)

A New Section of Books Coming Soon!

Male manga character spinning a pen in his fingertips

Well, we finally did it!
We’re dipping our toes
into the Manga waters.

We’ve started a brand
new section of manga
& graphic novels, for
adults & mature
young adults. If there’s
something you’d like
to see, just let us know!

Some series that we’re
Spy x Family
The Promised Neverland
Bunny Drop (aka Usagi Drop)
Vinland Saga (as seen on cable)
Land of the Lustrous
Hawkeye (Fraction/Aja)

Some that will be moving:
Maximum Ride the Manga
Fruits Basket
Reina Telgemeier books
Some adapted classics
Alex Rider
Percy Jackson
Assorted nonfiction

June 2023 Hi-Lites

Lately a couple of months have hit us at once.  Summer is here, albeit a bit early.

White, Betty: Betty White’s Pearls of Wisdom (Anecdotes, Quotes)

Black, Lisa: Red Flags (Thriller)
Brunstetter, Wanda: Letters of Trust (Christian, Amish)
Coble, Colleen: The View from Rainshadow Bay (Christian, Women’s)*
Dailey, Janet: Blue Moon Haven & A Calder at Heart (Romance)*
Dallas, Sandra: Where Coyotes Howl (Historical)*
Deveraux, Jude: My Heart Will Find You (Romance)
Dugoni, Robert: Her Deadly Game (Mystery)
Fuller, Kathleen: The Courtship Plan (Christian, Amish)
Gould, Leslie: A Brighter Dawn (Christian, Amish)
Hannon, Irene: Sea Glass Cottage & Windswept Way (Romance)*
Henry, Emily: Happy Place (General)
Jones, Stephen Graham: My Heart is a Chainsaw (Horror)
Kepnes, Caroline: You Love Me (General)
Landay, William: All That is Mine I Carry With Me (General)
McCauley, Terrence: The Revengers (Western)
Michaels, Fern: On the Line (Mystery)
Moyes, JoJo: Someone Else’s Shoes (Women’s)*
Reid, Taylor Jenkins: Daisy Jones & the Six (Women’s)*
Winspear, Jacqueline: The White Lady (Romance)


Kobabe, Maia: Gender Queer (Graphic Novel Bio, LGBTQ)

Endo, Tatsuya: Spy X Family, Volumes 1-3 (Comedy, Slice of Life)
Shirai, Kaiu: The Promised Neverland, Volumes 1-3 (Dark Fantasy, Horror)
Unita, Yumi: Bunny Drop, Volumes 1-3 (Family, Slice of Life)
Yagi, Norihiro: Claymore, Volumes 1-3 (Dark Fantasy)
Yoshino, Satsuki: Barakamon, Volume 1-3 (Comedy, Slice of Life)
Yukimura, Makoto: Vinland Saga, Volume 1-2 (Historical)