Books We’re Looking Forward To…

How about a list of books we here at the library are looking forward to adding to our collection?
We’re going by when the hardback comes out, allowing about a month after that.
So you may not see some really popular authors here yet (like Debbie Macomber).

Askew, Rilla: Prize for the Fire
Baldacci, David: Long Shadows
Brown, Sandra: Overkill
Box, CJ: Treasure State
Child, Lee: No Plan B
Cameron, Marc (Clancy): Red Winter
Carr, Robyn: Holidays in Virgin River
Deaver, Jeffrey: Hunting Time
Dailey, Janet: Quicksand
Dailey, Janet: Blue Moon Haven
Dallas, Sandra: Tenmile
Deveraux, Jude: Thief of Fate
Evanovich, Janet: Going Rogue
Evans, Richard Paul: A Christmas Memory
Fielding, Joy: The Housekeeper
Griffin, Laura: Vanishing Hour
Grisham, John: Boys from Bilouxi
Haines, Carolyn: Bones of Holly
Hilderbrand, Elin: Endless Summer
Hopkins, Ellen: Sanctuary Highway
Howard, Catherine Ryan: Run Time
Hyde, Catherine Ryan: So Long Chester Wheeler
Johansen, Iris: Captive
Johansen, Iris: More Than Meets The Eye
Johnson, Craig: Hell and Back
King, Stephen: Fairy Tale
Kingsolver, Barbara: Demon Copperhead
Krueger, William Kent: Fox Creek
Mallery, Susan: Home Sweet Christmas
Morris, Heather: Listening Well

Box, CJ: Storm Watch
Coben, Harlan: I Will Find You
Child, Lincoln (& Preston): The Cabinet of Dr. Leng
Cameron, Marc: Breakneck
Coble, Colleen: Dark of Night
Dallas, Sandra: Where Coyotes Howl
Griffin, Laura: Deep Tide
Grippando, James: Code 6
Hillerman, Anne: The Way of the Bear
Hyde, Catherine Ryan: Just a Regular Boy
Iles, Greg: Southern Man
Jenoff, Pam: Code Name Sapphire
Kingsbury, Karen: Just Once
Koontz, Dean: The House at the End of the World
Krentz, Jayne Ann: Sleep No More
Kubica, Mary: Just the Nicest Couple
Mallery, Susan: The Sister Effect
Moyes, JoJo: Someone Else’s Shoes