Wow, is it almost 2023 already?  We certainly hope 2023 is an improvement over 2022.  At any rate, here’s our book list for January.

Archer, Jeffrey- Next In Line: William Warwick #5
Baldacci, David- The 6:20 Man: No series
Bunn, Davis- The Christmas Hummingbird: Miramar Bay #7
Child, Lee & Andrew- No Plan B: Jack Reacher #27
Dailey, Janet- Hope Creek: New Americana #6
Dailey, Janet- Calder Grit: Calder Brand #2
Evans, Richard Paul- A Christmas Memory: No series
Haines, Carolyn- Bones of Holly: Sarah Booth Delaney #25
Mallery, Susan- Home Sweet Christmas: Wishing Tree #2
Michaels, Fern- Falling Stars: No series
Patterson, James- Triple Cross: Alex Cross #30
Perry, Marta- The Second Christmas: Amish Holiday #1
Warren, Susan May- Sunburst: Sky King Ranch #2
Warren, Susan May- Sundown: Sky King Ranch #3


Catanese, Elizabeth- The Amazing Catapult: Mt. Olympus Theme Park (2nd Grade)
Catanese, Elizabeth- The Hunting House: Mt. Olympus Theme Park (2nd Grade)
Catanese, Elizabeth- Pandora’s Phone: Mt. Olympus Theme Park (2nd Grade)
Folktales- The Great Race (Chinese Zodiac; appreciating differences) (2nd Grade)
Folktales- Raven the Trickster (NW Coast Tribes; doing what’s right) (2nd Grade)
Folktales- John Henry (African American Folk Heroes; proving yourself) (2nd Grade)
Keene, Carolyn- The Curse of the Arctic Star: Nancy Drew Diaries (3rd Grade)
Keene, Carolyn- Strangers on the Train: Nancy Drew Diaries (3rd Grade)
Keene, Carolyn- Midnight Rider: Nancy Drew Diaries (3rd Grade)
Miedoso/Riveras- The Haunted House Next Door: Desmond Cole Ghost Patrol (2nd Grade)