We’ve had requests for our Sequoyah books, so we’re planning on getting in some Young Adult and High School Sequoyah books.

These books come from the Intermediate Master List and the High School Master List.

The grade levels given are just the reading levels, and do not necessarily reflect the area of the library where they will be placed.

If you are concerned about any topics these books discuss, you can check the website, and it will tell you the reading level and any  major issues the book deals with, as well as the interest level of the book. You can also call the library at 580-227-2190, and talk to Library Staff.

January, 2022
The Black Flamingo, by Dean Atta (unknown grade level) (LGBTQ)
The Blackbird Girls, by Anne Blankman (4.8/12.0) (historical fiction; Chernobyl)
Fighting Words, by Kim Brubaker Bradley (3.6/7.0) (childhood s*x**l abuse)
The Light in Hidden Places, by Sharon Cameron (4.2/15.0) (historical fiction; WWII Poland)
Efren Divided, by Ernesto Cisneros (4.9/7/0) (immigration & racism)
Don’t Ask Me Where I’m From, by Jennifer De Leon (4.2/11.0) (Latinx experience)
Legendborn, by Tracy Deonn (5.2/24.0) (urban magic)
Golden Arm, by Carl Deuker (4.5/10.0) (sports & poverty)
Almost American Girl, by Robin Ha (3.4/2.0) (immigration & racism)
Grown, by Tiffany D. Jackson (3.9/9/0) (black experience; s*x**l abuse, assault)
What I Carry, by Jennifer Longo (4.6/12.0) (foster care)
Circus of Stolen Dreams, by Lorelei Savaryn (5.8/9.0) (urban fantasy; missing persons; escapism)
Dragon Hoops, by Gene Luen Yang (3.9/3.0) (sports; racism; gender bias; graphic novel format)

February 2022
The Winterborne Home for Vengeance & Valor (4.7/8.0) (urban magic; mystery; orphanages)
The Great Pet Heist, by Emily Ecton (3.8/6.0) (humor; pets)
A Place at the Table, by Saadia Faruqi & Laura Shovan (4.4/10.0) (cooking; racial stereotypes; friendship; religion)
Not So Pure & Simple, by Lamar Giles (4.9/13.0) (black experience; s*x**l situations; stereotypes)
They Went Left, by Monica Hesse (5.1/13.0) (WWII historical; missing persons)
When Stars are Scattered, by Victoria Jamieson & Omar Mohamed (3.7/4.0) (refugee camps; brothers; nonverbal disabilities)
This is My America, by Kim Johnson (4.3/21.0) (black experience; racism; racism in the judicial system; stereotyping)
The Mystwick School of Musicraft, by Jessica Khoury (5.2/12.0) (urban magic; fantasy; boarding schools)
From the Desk of Zoe Washington, by Janae Marks (4.4/8.0) (black experience; jailed fathers; bakers)
The Truth Project, by Dante Medema (4.2/4.0) (profanity; s*x**l situations; books in verse)
The Seekers of the Wild Realm, by Alexandra Ott (unknown reading level) (fantasy; magic; imaginary worlds; imaginary creatures)
Brave Like That, by Lindsey Stoddard (5.1/14.0) (orphans; dogs; self-realization)
Tune It Out!, by Jamie Sumner (4.4/8.0) (nonbinary children; sensory disorders; theater)
Zeus, Dog of Chaos, by Kristin O’Donnell Tubb (4.5/7.0) (diabetes in children; alert dogs)
Echo Mountain, by Lauren Wolk (4.3/11.0) (Great Depression historical fiction)