Library Services

The Fairview City Library has much more to offer than just books, audiobooks, and movies!  Many libraries are more than just things to read or watch or listen to!  Many libraries bridge the digital divide, providing free digital services that some may not otherwise have access to.

Curbside PickUp: Starting November 1, 2021, we will offer a curbside pickup and returns service! Just call the library during normal business hours with your request and a call back number.  Our staff will get right on your request and call you back with a pickup time!  (580)-227-2190.

Paperback Library: We offer a limited selection of paperback and hardback books for community  members and visitors to take with them, free and clear.  There is no need to return the books, and no need to bring any to replace them.  You don’t need to be a patron of the library, either.

Snack Shack: Our library offers a  place for patrons to have a quick snack during their busy day. The Snack Shack is available from 12pm-1pm and 330pm-430pm Monday through Friday, unless we are having a program or working on a staff project.  Outside these hours and events, patrons are welcome to work with Staff in scheduling meetings, or using the space for quiet study and work. Patrons are asked not to bring outside snacks or meals with them.

Free Wifi, Computers, & Devices: We have Wifi available 24/7 on building grounds.  After hours Wifi use may be subject to local loitering laws. We also have computers, laptops, and iPads for the free use of our community members and visitors.  You may be asked to sign an internet form, but otherwise there is no charge except for printing.  Our Wifi is CIPA compliant, and filters any device connected to it. If you find that you cannot access a website, please ask Staff during normal business hours. Changes are not guaranteed, and may not be able to be done.  Our iPads do not connect to the internet, and only have games on them, so our junior patrons are able to use them.

Study Rooms: We have two small glassed in study rooms available by either appointment or on a first come, first served walk-in basis.  These rooms have a table, two chairs, plug in, and internet cable.  Appointments will be honored over walk-ins, and walk-ins may be asked to relocate fifteen  minutes or more prior to scheduled appointments.

Device Help & Digital Basics Tutorials: If your phone is a mystery to you, or if you find yourself wondering just what the big deal is about email or FaceBook, don’t hesitate to call our Staff and arrange an appointment! We’ll show you what you need to know, and go at your speed!  Just bring your device and cords, and your willingness to learn!

Free eBooks:  Our library is part of a state consortium of smaller libraries around Oklahoma that participate in the OK Virtual Library.  All you need to do is call or come by.  You need to be a member of our library first, but that’s easy to do and does not cost you anything! We will get you signed up, and let you know your OK Virtual Library account information.  You will need to download either the Libby App, or the OverDrive App. Library Staff can guide you through the process in person or by phone.

Look for our next post, continuing the many services our library offers!  Story Times, Family Friendly Programming, Annual Summer Reading Program, Book Club, Genealogy Help, and Local Files on Microfilm!