Spring is upon us- we think.
Tornado season is, anyway.
Come over to the library and
check out the great books
we’re looking forward to!

Blehm, Eric: Fearless (Seal Team Six)
Gillingham/Thomas: Exploring the Elements (Chemistry)
Harkup, Kathryn: The Secret Lives of the Elements (Chemistry)
Ivanov, Michael V.: The Cabin at the End of the Train (Inspirational)
Schwartz, Joanna: Shielded (Police & Community)
Sered, Danielle: Until We Reckon (Restorative Justice)

Bartels, Erin: Everthing is Just Beginning (General)
Benedict, Marie: The Personal Librarian (Historical)
Box, C.J.: Storm Watch- Joe Pickett #23 (Mystery)
Carlson, Melody: Built with Love- Second Chances #2 (Christian)
Dugoni, Robert: The World Played Chess (Historical)
Ellison, J.T.: It’s One of Us (General)
Gardner, Lisa: Before She Disappeared- Frankie Elkin #1 (Thriller)
Jance, J.A.: Collateral Damage- Ali Reynolds #17 (Mystery)
Krentz, Jayne Ann: Sleep No More- Lost Night Files #1 (Thriller)
Makkai, Rebecca: I Have Some Questions for You (General)
Martin, Charles: Son of Man (Christian)
McCauley, Terrence: Where Bullets Fly- Sheriff Mackey #1 (Western)
Miller, Linda Lael: Country Born- Painted Pony Creek #3 (Romance)
Reid, Taylor Jenkins: Carrie Soto is Back (Romance)
Scott, Bradford: The Trail of Blood and Bones (Western)
Shipman, Viola: The Edge of Summer (General)
Tan, Amy: The Joy Luck Club (General)
Taylor, Mary Ellen: The Brighter the Light (Historical)
Unger, Lisa: Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six (Thriller)
Wiggs, Susan: The Lost & Found Bookshop- Bella Vista Chronicles #3 (Romance)

Juvenile, Young Adult, and High School Hi-Lites
Bardugo, Leigh: Ninth House- Alex Stern #1 (HS Fantasy)
Calonita, Jen: Mirror Mirror-Twisted Tales (HS Fantasy)
Han, Jenny: It’s Not Summer Without You (HS Romance)
Han, Jenny: We’ll Always Have Summer (HS Romance)
Ichikawa, Haruko: Land of the Lustrous #1-#7 (HS Manga)
Lockhart, E: Family of Liars: Liars #.5 (HS Fiction)
Meyer, Marissa: Archenemies- Gatlon Trilogy / Renegades #2 (HS Fantasy)
Meyer, Marissa: Supernova- Gatlon Trilogy / Renegades #3 (HS Fantasy)
Oseman, Alice: Loveless (HS, LGBTQA Voices
Patterson, James: Ali Cross- Ali Cross #1 (HS Mystery)
Riordan, Rick: Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods- Percy Jackson Supplemental (HS Fantasy)

Sequoyah 2023
Glasgow, Kathleen: You’d Be Home Now (HS, Addiction)
Gonzalez, Sophie: Perfect on Paper (HS, Romance)
Moulite, Maika: One of the Good Ones (HS, Black Voices)
Sheinkin, Steve: Fallout- Spies, Superbombs, & Ultimate Cold War Showdown (HS, Cuba)
Zentner, Jeff: In the Wild Light (HS Fiction)

It’s All Digital

Did you ever notice how prevalent cell phones are? Many of us grew up without one, and yet we would be lost without one now. Things like email and social media and search engines are becoming more and more of a basic necessity. It seems the ‘digital age’ is upon us.

As a rural public library, we help provide everyone access to our new ‘digital age’. Making ends meet is increasingly difficult, and often necessities like internet access are too expensive. We are proud to be a reliable and free source of onsite Wi-Fi use and in-library computer use.

We also help connect people to digital options. More and more we find that digital literacy- knowing what a computer is, knowing what email is, being able to use social media or a search engine- is a basic necessity and not a luxury or hobby. We are happy to help anyone find their way through the confusion to a better understanding of digital literacy basics.

Your Fairview City Library is here for you!


Wow, is it nearly spring already?
This crazy weather has me all mixed up!
Here are some titles we are looking for in March:

Buydens, Sharon: DIY- How to Build Your Own Energy Efficient Green Home
Geanacopoulos, Daphne P: The Pirate’s Wife (Sarah Kidd)
Glass, Kathy: An Innocent Baby (author is a foster parent)
Glenn, Ruth: Everything I Never Dreamed (spousal abuse)
Hamalainen, Pekka: Lakota America (Native History)
Hardman, Robert: Queen of Our Times (HRH Elizabeth II)
Sussex, Duke of: Spare (Royal bio)
Wiss, Earl: The Guide to Guns for Beginners (Gun Safety)

Bardugo, Leigh: Hell Bent (HS, Fantasy)
Byrd, Sandra: Heirlooms (Christian)
Carlson, Melody: Thursday’s Child: Second Chances #4 (Christian)
Cornwell, Patricia: Livid: Scarpetta #26 (Mystery)
Deaver, Jeffrey: Hunting Time: Colter Shaw #4 (Mystery)
Goldberg, Lee: Bone Canyon: Eve Ronin #2 (Mystery)
Grant, Michael: Gone Series #1-#3 (HS, Paranormal)
Greenwood, T: Such a Pretty Girl (General- deals with abuse)
Hawkins, Rachel: The Villa (Women’s)
Hoover, Colleen: Heart Bones (Romance)
Jackson, Lisa: Wicked Dreams: Wicked #5 (Thriller)
Jenoff, Pam: Code Name Sapphire (Historical)
Jewell, Lisa: Before I Met You (Thriller)
Johansen, Iris/Roy: Blink of an Eye: Kendra Michaels #8 (Mystery)
Johnson, Craig: Hell & Back: Longmire #18 (Mystery)
Kingsolver, Barbara: Demon Copperhead (Literary)
Margolin, Phillip: Murder at Black Oaks: Robin Lockwood #6 (Mystery)
Maas, Sarah: The Court of Mist & Fury: Court of..#2 (Fantasy)
Michaels, Fern: Tick Tock: Sisterhood #34 (Mystery)
Robb, J.D.: Encore in Death (Mystery)
Stratton, Richard: Defending Alice (Historical)
Tolkien, J.R.R.: The Fall of Numenor (Fantasy)

Abtahi, Olivia: Perfectly Parvin (7th-12th, romance, ethnic voices)
Albus, Kate: A Place to Hang the Moon (4th-7th, historical fiction)
Alston, B.B.: Amari & the Night Brothers (4th-7th, paranormal, ethnic voices)
Arnold, Elaina K.: The House That Wasn’t There (3rd-6th, fantasy, friendship)
Fipps, Lisa: Starfish (5th-9th, novels in verse, weight, self image)
Gerber, Alyson: Taking Up Space (4th-7th, Sports, boundaries)

Free Public Spaces Are Rare

Free public spaces are rare. You know, the kind of space where you can just sit and fiddle around on your phone or check your email or just read the paper. Those kinds of spaces are harder and harder to find, especially spaces that will let you ‘be’ without any expectation of spending money.

Libraries are just that kind of space- and libraries are so valuable because of it! As a public library, your Fairview City Library is proud to be a space that people from all walks of life are welcome to come and spend time at, provided they follow library rules. We welcome anyone to spend time in the library. Just come over and enjoy a little peace and quiet- unless it’s Story Time, of course! Your Fairview City Library is here for everyone.


Just a glimpse at some of the authors and titles we are looking out for.  We generally try to wait for the large print version where possible.
If you are keeping an eye out with us, watch for hardcover publishing dates. If you see a date after the title, that is just an estimation.

Archer, Jeffrey: Traitor’s Gate (2024?)
Baldacci, David: Simply Lies
Box, C.J.: Storm Watch
Brown, Carolyn: Texas Homecoming
Carr, Robyn: The Friendship Club
Coben, Harlan: I Will Find You
Cussler, Clive: The Serpent’s Eye
Dailey, Janet: A Calder at Heart
Dailey, Janet: Blue Moon Haven
Deveraux, Jude: My Heart Will Find You
Deaver, Jeffrey: The Pain Hunter
Gray, Shelley S.: Coming Home
Gray, Shelley S.: Her Heart’s Desire
Hilderbrand, Elin: The Five-Star Weekend
Johnson, Craig: The Longmire Defense
Jance, J.A.: Nothing to Lose
Jance, J.A.: Collateral Damage
Michaels, Fern: On the Line
Michaels, Fern: Amazing Gracie
Mallery, Susan: The Sister Effect
Preston/Child: Dead Mountain
Patterson/Paetro: 23rd Midnight
Parker, T. Jefferson: The Rescue
Parker, Robt/Gaylin: Bad Influence
Palmer, Diana: The Loner
Paris, B.A.: The Guest
Rollins, James: Tides of Fire
Steel, Danielle: Worthy Opponents
Smith, Nicholas Sansbury: Hell Divers
Thomas, Jodi: Strawberry Lane
Thayer, Nancy: All the Days of Summer
Taylor, Mary Ellen: When the Rain Ends
Warren, Susan May: Fraser
Wiggs, Susan: Beach Town
Wiggs, Susan: Welcome to Dog Town
Woods, Stuart: Obsession
Ware, Ruth: Zero Days


Here’s a look at what I’ve ordered for December. Our book lists are now running a month ahead, so we can make sure we have them ready to go for you- instead of you having to wait eternally for that title to come in! As always, if you have any suggestions, please let me know! Some of these authors are from patron suggestions- like Olivia Hawker & Pam Jenoff, for example! Others are well known favorites, like Sandra Brown or Susan Mallery or Debbie Macomber.

Drury, Bob & Clavin, Tom- The Heart of Everything That Is: The Untold Story of Red Cloud, An American Legend (Native Biographies)
Fortunate Eagle, Matthew- Pipestone: My Life in an Indian Boarding School (Native Boarding School History)
Gardner, Mark Lee- The Earth is All That Lasts: Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, and the Last Stand of the Great Sioux Nation (Native History)
Harden, Blaine- Murder at the Mission: A Frontier Killing, Its Legacy of Lies, and the Taking of the American West (Native History)
Hogeland, William- Autumn of the Black Snake: The Creation of the U.S. Army and the Invasion That Opened the West (Native History)
Neihardt, John- Black Elk Speaks, Complete Edition (Native Biographies)
Ostler, Jeffrey- Surviving Genocide: Native Nations and the United States from the American Revolution to Bleeding Kansas (Native History)
Stannard, David- American Holocaust: The Conquest of the New World (Native History)

Baker, Peter- Planes (general)
Bliss, Lauralee- Escape from Amsterdam: Heroines of WWII (historical)
Box, C.J.- Treasure State: Cassie Dewell/ Cody Hoyt (mystery)
Brown, Sandra- Overkill (thriller)
Cussler/Du Brul- The Sea Wolves: Isaac Bell (adventure)
Deveraux/Sheets- Thief of Fate: Providence Falls (romance)
Evanovich, Janet- Going Rogue- Rise and Shine 29: Stephanie Plum (humor, mystery)
Hawker, Olivia- The Ragged Edge of Night (historical)
Hilderbrand, Elin- Reunion Beach: collection (romance)
Jenner, Natalie- The Bloomsbury Girls (historical)
Jenoff, Pam- The Winter Guest (historical)
Jenoff, Pam- Almost Home: Jordan Weiss (historical)
Jenoff, Pam- Hidden Affair: Jordan Weiss (historical)
Maas, Sarah- Kingdom of Ash: Throne of Glass (fantasy)
Maas, Sarah- Tower of Dawn: Throne of Glass (fantasy)
Macomber, Debbie- The Christmas Spirit (holidays, romance)
Mallery, Susan-: The Christmas Wedding Guest: Wishing Tree (holidays, romance)
McCauley, Terrence: Disturbing the Peace: Jeremiah Halstead (western)
Patterson, James: Fear No Evil: Alex Cross (mystery)
Scarrow, Simon: Blackout: Berlin Wartime (historical)
Sparks, Nicholas: Dreamland (romance)
Wiseman, Ellen Marie: The Lost Girls of Willowbrook (historical)
Woods, Stuart: Foul Play: Stone Barrington (mystery)

November 2022 New Books List

Is it really almost November?  Wow!  We are so ready for cool weather and fall leaves!  Bring on the pumpkin spice!  In the meantime, here are the books we are looking forward to getting for November.

Chesney, Will: No Ordinary Dog (military dog)

Baldacci, David: Long Shadows (Mystery)
Barker, Clive: Absolute Midnight (Horror)
Brewer, Heather: Cemetery Boys (Horror)
Dugoni, Robert: The Silent Sisters (Thriller)
Gerritsen, Tess: Listen to Me (Thriller)
Grisham, John: Boys from Biloxi (Mystery)
Hawker, Olivia: The Fire & The Ore (Historical)
Healey, Jane: The Secret Stealers (Historical)
Hilderbrand, Elin: Endless Summer (Romance)
Johansen, Iris: Captive (Mystery)
Kelly, Cathy: Between Sisters (Women’s)
Krueger, William Kent: Fox Creek (Mystery)
Leigh, Melinda: Cross Her Heart (Thriller)
Ng, Celeste: Our Missing Hearts (Women’s)
Patterson/Dubois: Blowback (Mystery)
Picoult/Boylan: Mad Honey (Women’s)
Priest, Cherie: Agony House (Horror)
Robotham, Michael: When You Are Mine (Thriller)
See, Lisa: The Island of Sea Women (Historical)
Shelley, Mary Wolstonecraft: Frankenstein (Horror)
Simpson, Susan Lantz: Samuel’s Return (Christian)
Slaughter, Karin: Girl, Forgotten (Thriller)
Stoker, Bram: Dracula (Horror)
Winfrey, Kerry: Just Another Love Song (Romance)

King, Stephen: Dolores Claiborne; Bag of Bones; Carrie;
Firestarter; Misery; The Shining (Horror)

Children, Juvenile, Young Adult, High School
Dolbear, Emily: Juneteenth (Juv; Black History)
Hobkirk, Lori: Madam CJ Walker, First Black Female Entrepreneur
(Juv; Black History)
Laughlin, K.L.: The Racial Justice Movement (Juv; Black History)
Laughlin, K.L.: The Tulsa Race Massacre (Juv; Black History)
Neshama, R.: Nat Turner & the Virginia Slave Revolt (Juv; Black History)
Santella, Andrew: The NAACP (Juv; Black History)

Fraction, Matt: Hawkeye #1- My Life As a Weapon (HS Graphic Novel)
Kaur, Rupi: Healing Through Words (HS, Novel in Verse)
White, Kiersten: And I Darken (HS Fantasy)


JUNE 2022- Titles are large print unless italicized

Hannah-Jones, Nikole: 1619 Project
Tebow, Tim: Mission Possible

Andrews, Mary Kay: The Newcomer
Bartz, Andrea: We Were Never Here
Carr, Robyn: A Family Affair
Coben, Harlan: The Match
Elden, Roxanna: Adequate Yearly Progress
Green, Jane: Sister Stardust
Griffin, Laura: Flight
Hepworth, Sally: The Younger Wife
Johnson, Craig: Daughter of the Morning Star
Meltzer, Brad: The Lightning Rod
Patterson/Parton: Run Rose Run
Patterson/Paetro: 22 Seconds
Pinborough, Sarah: Insomnia
Powers, Richard: The Overstory
Queally, James: All These Ashes
Sandford, John: The Investigator
Scottoline, Lisa: What Happened to the Bennetts
Steel, Danielle: High Stakes
Swanson, Peter: Nine Lives
Thomas, Jodi: Sunday @ the Sunflower Inn


We are so glad spring is finally here… almost!  Gotta love that unpredictable Oklahoma weather!

April 2022- Large Print
Americanah, Chimimanda Ngozi Adichie
Dream Town, David Baldacci
Kill All Your Darlings, David Bell
Sherlock Holmes & the Seven Deadly Sins Murders, Barry Day
The Sentence, Louise Erdrich
The Recovery Agent, Janet Evanovich
The Saints of Swallow Hill, Donna Everhart
The Chase, Candice Fox
A Patchwork Past, Leslie Gould
Confessions of a Curious Bookseller, Elizabeth Green
The Sacred Bridge, Anne Hillerman
Afraid, Lisa Jackson
They Can’t Take Your Name, Robert Justice
Fox Crossing, Melinda Metz
The Lady’s Mine, Francine Rivers
Kingdom of Bones, James Rollins
What Happened to the Bennetts, Lisa Scottoline
A Safe House, Stuart Woods
No Land to Light On, Yara Zgheib

April 2022- Regular Print
Against All Odds, Alex Kershaw
Read Dangerously, Azar Naifisi
North to Paradise, Ousman Umar
The Match, Harlan Coben
Sister Stardust, Jane Green
The Younger Wife, Sally Hepworth
Nine Lives, Peter Swanson
They Can’t Take Your Name, Robert Justice

March 2022- Large Print
Shadows Reel, CJ Box
2nd Chance @ Sunflower Ranch, Carolyn Brown
A Week at the Shore, Barbara Delinsky
West Side Story, Irving Shulman
Forever, Interrupted, Taylor Jenkins Reid
The Best of Friends, Lucinda Berry
Threads of Hope, Leslie Gould
The End of Getting Lost, Robin Kirman
The Accomplice, Lisa Lutz
Crazy Like a Fox, Melinda Metz
Line of Sight, James Queally