Local Major County Obituaries

    It is this Library’s goal to provide as much resource material to our local community and given the basic “roots” of cultures; we are providing this genealogical “obituary” database for research towards that end.
This database is searchable by any portion of name to be entered, year of birth, year of death, maiden name, or by any other known descriptive context.
To add or correct an obituary, please use this provided and editable form downloadable here.  We are also providing pictures on how to fill out the form whether it is a new obituary to be added – this link – or a request to correct bad information in our database – this link.
*Please note: the library is fully aware of “major” discrepancies as to information provided due to a prior corruption of our old file system.  If you know of the correct information or have a local obituary you wish to have added, please use our form located HERE to make corrections as detailed above and  email our information manager, with the corrected form,  at this link.  Thank you for your patience.


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