Your Reading Journey

Librarians get really excited about books and reading.  I mean, we really love books. And reading.  And did I mention we really love books and reading?  Well, we do!  Librarians make no judgements about what you read. We believe that only you can decide what is right for you, and your children.   You know yourself best, and you know your child best. It is not our right to limit what you or your child can or cannot read.  If there is material that you don’t want to read, or let your child to have access to, we encourage you to exercise your right to leave it on the shelf. As librarians, our primary concern is always to make sure that you have the materials you want.  Our highest priority is to encourage a love a reading, and to help you on your reading journey.


Are we really nearly at school time already? My how time flies!
Here’s our book list for August, 2023.

Andrews, V.C.- Little Paula: Eden #2 (Horror)
Cameron, Marc- Breakneck: Arliss Cutter #5 (Mystery/Thriller)
Carr, Jack- Only the Dead: James Reece #6 (Military/Mystery)
Craig, Erin A.- The House of Salt & Sorrow: Sisters of the Salt (Fantasy)
Finkbeiner, Susie- The All-American (Christian Historical)
Gabhart, Ann H.- In the Shadow of the River (Christian)
George, Liana- Perfectly Matched: Hopeful Hearts #3 (Urban Christian)
Hlad, Alan- The Book Spy (Historical)
Jewell, Lisa- The Family Remains (Thriller)
Lu, Marie- Stars & Smoke (Fantasy)
McDaniel, Rachel S.- The Starlet Spy (Christian Historical)
Morton, Kate- Homecoming (Historical)
Nethercott, GennaRose- Thistlefoot (Fantasy)
Parker/Gaylin- Robert B. Parker’s Bad Influence (Mystery)
Score, Lucy- The Things We Hide from the Light (Literary)
Shiloh, Toni- Love Script (Urban Christian)
Ware, Ruth- Zero Days (Horror)
Wells, Lee E.- Danger Valley (Western)
Worth, Lenora- Pinecraft Refuge: Pinecraft Seasons #1 (Christian)