It’s All Digital

Did you ever notice how prevalent cell phones are? Many of us grew up without one, and yet we would be lost without one now. Things like email and social media and search engines are becoming more and more of a basic necessity. It seems the ‘digital age’ is upon us.

As a rural public library, we help provide everyone access to our new ‘digital age’. Making ends meet is increasingly difficult, and often necessities like internet access are too expensive. We are proud to be a reliable and free source of onsite Wi-Fi use and in-library computer use.

We also help connect people to digital options. More and more we find that digital literacy- knowing what a computer is, knowing what email is, being able to use social media or a search engine- is a basic necessity and not a luxury or hobby. We are happy to help anyone find their way through the confusion to a better understanding of digital literacy basics.

Your Fairview City Library is here for you!