Wow, is it nearly spring already?
This crazy weather has me all mixed up!
Here are some titles we are looking for in March:

Buydens, Sharon: DIY- How to Build Your Own Energy Efficient Green Home
Geanacopoulos, Daphne P: The Pirate’s Wife (Sarah Kidd)
Glass, Kathy: An Innocent Baby (author is a foster parent)
Glenn, Ruth: Everything I Never Dreamed (spousal abuse)
Hamalainen, Pekka: Lakota America (Native History)
Hardman, Robert: Queen of Our Times (HRH Elizabeth II)
Sussex, Duke of: Spare (Royal bio)
Wiss, Earl: The Guide to Guns for Beginners (Gun Safety)

Bardugo, Leigh: Hell Bent (HS, Fantasy)
Byrd, Sandra: Heirlooms (Christian)
Carlson, Melody: Thursday’s Child: Second Chances #4 (Christian)
Cornwell, Patricia: Livid: Scarpetta #26 (Mystery)
Deaver, Jeffrey: Hunting Time: Colter Shaw #4 (Mystery)
Goldberg, Lee: Bone Canyon: Eve Ronin #2 (Mystery)
Grant, Michael: Gone Series #1-#3 (HS, Paranormal)
Greenwood, T: Such a Pretty Girl (General- deals with abuse)
Hawkins, Rachel: The Villa (Women’s)
Hoover, Colleen: Heart Bones (Romance)
Jackson, Lisa: Wicked Dreams: Wicked #5 (Thriller)
Jenoff, Pam: Code Name Sapphire (Historical)
Jewell, Lisa: Before I Met You (Thriller)
Johansen, Iris/Roy: Blink of an Eye: Kendra Michaels #8 (Mystery)
Johnson, Craig: Hell & Back: Longmire #18 (Mystery)
Kingsolver, Barbara: Demon Copperhead (Literary)
Margolin, Phillip: Murder at Black Oaks: Robin Lockwood #6 (Mystery)
Maas, Sarah: The Court of Mist & Fury: Court of..#2 (Fantasy)
Michaels, Fern: Tick Tock: Sisterhood #34 (Mystery)
Robb, J.D.: Encore in Death (Mystery)
Stratton, Richard: Defending Alice (Historical)
Tolkien, J.R.R.: The Fall of Numenor (Fantasy)

Abtahi, Olivia: Perfectly Parvin (7th-12th, romance, ethnic voices)
Albus, Kate: A Place to Hang the Moon (4th-7th, historical fiction)
Alston, B.B.: Amari & the Night Brothers (4th-7th, paranormal, ethnic voices)
Arnold, Elaina K.: The House That Wasn’t There (3rd-6th, fantasy, friendship)
Fipps, Lisa: Starfish (5th-9th, novels in verse, weight, self image)
Gerber, Alyson: Taking Up Space (4th-7th, Sports, boundaries)

Free Public Spaces Are Rare

Free public spaces are rare. You know, the kind of space where you can just sit and fiddle around on your phone or check your email or just read the paper. Those kinds of spaces are harder and harder to find, especially spaces that will let you ‘be’ without any expectation of spending money.

Libraries are just that kind of space- and libraries are so valuable because of it! As a public library, your Fairview City Library is proud to be a space that people from all walks of life are welcome to come and spend time at, provided they follow library rules. We welcome anyone to spend time in the library. Just come over and enjoy a little peace and quiet- unless it’s Story Time, of course! Your Fairview City Library is here for everyone.


Just a glimpse at some of the authors and titles we are looking out for.  We generally try to wait for the large print version where possible.
If you are keeping an eye out with us, watch for hardcover publishing dates. If you see a date after the title, that is just an estimation.

Archer, Jeffrey: Traitor’s Gate (2024?)
Baldacci, David: Simply Lies
Box, C.J.: Storm Watch
Brown, Carolyn: Texas Homecoming
Carr, Robyn: The Friendship Club
Coben, Harlan: I Will Find You
Cussler, Clive: The Serpent’s Eye
Dailey, Janet: A Calder at Heart
Dailey, Janet: Blue Moon Haven
Deveraux, Jude: My Heart Will Find You
Deaver, Jeffrey: The Pain Hunter
Gray, Shelley S.: Coming Home
Gray, Shelley S.: Her Heart’s Desire
Hilderbrand, Elin: The Five-Star Weekend
Johnson, Craig: The Longmire Defense
Jance, J.A.: Nothing to Lose
Jance, J.A.: Collateral Damage
Michaels, Fern: On the Line
Michaels, Fern: Amazing Gracie
Mallery, Susan: The Sister Effect
Preston/Child: Dead Mountain
Patterson/Paetro: 23rd Midnight
Parker, T. Jefferson: The Rescue
Parker, Robt/Gaylin: Bad Influence
Palmer, Diana: The Loner
Paris, B.A.: The Guest
Rollins, James: Tides of Fire
Steel, Danielle: Worthy Opponents
Smith, Nicholas Sansbury: Hell Divers
Thomas, Jodi: Strawberry Lane
Thayer, Nancy: All the Days of Summer
Taylor, Mary Ellen: When the Rain Ends
Warren, Susan May: Fraser
Wiggs, Susan: Beach Town
Wiggs, Susan: Welcome to Dog Town
Woods, Stuart: Obsession
Ware, Ruth: Zero Days


Here we are in February already!  Wow!  Here’s what we’re looking forward to this month!

Bissinger, Buzz…The Mosquito Bowl (football & WWII)
Cline, Adam…Dahomey Amazons (movie Woman King is based on them)
Diemer, Andrew…Vigilance: William Still & Underground RR
Glass, Cathy…Negelected (child abandonment; by Foster Mom)
Hucklebridge, Dane…No Beast So Fierce (Champawat Tiger)
O’Reilly/Dugard…Killing the Legends (dangers of celebrity)

Black, Holly…The Stolen Heir: Folk of the Air #4/Stolen Heir Duology #1 (Fantasy)
Brown, Carolyn…Sandcastle Hurricane (Women’s; OK author)
Deveraux/Sheets…An Impossible Promise: Providence Falls #2 (Romance)
Dugoni, Robert…What She Found: Crosswhite #9 (Mystery)
Gilman, Laura…Uncanny Times: Huntsmen #1 (Paranormal)
Gray, Shelley S…Happily Ever Amish: Amish of Apple Creek #1 (Christian)
Margolin, Phillip…The Darkest Place: Robin Lockwood #5 (Mystery)
McCauley, Terrence…Dark Territory: Sheriff Mackey #2 (Western)
Naigle, Nancy…The Wedding Ranch (Romance)
Nix, David…Dead Man’s Hand: Jake Paynter #1 (Western)
Palmer, Diana…Wyoming Heart (Romance)
Patterson/Karp…NYPD Red 7: Murder Sorority (Mystery)
Patterson/Sitts…The Perfect Assassin: Doc Savage #1 (Mystery)
Patterson, James…Steal: Instinct #3 (Mystery)
Patterson, James…20th Victim: Women’s Murder Club #20 (Mystery; fill in)
Patterson, James…21st Birthday: Women’s Murder Club #21 (Mystery)
Preston/Child…The Cabinet of Dr. Leng: Agent Pendergrast #21 (Mystery)
Reid, Taylor Jenkins…Malibu Rising (Romance)
Sandford, John…Righteous Prey: Lucas Davenport/Prey #32(Mystery)
Shine, A.M….The Creeper (Horror)
Traviss, Karen…Gears of War: Aspho Fields: Gears of War #1 (GameLit, SciFi)
Traviss, Karen…Gears of War: Jacinto’s Remnant: Gears of War #2 (GameLit, SciFi)
Turow, Scott…Suspect: Kindle County #12 (Mystery)
Woods, Stuart…Class Act: Barrington #58 (Mystery; fill in)
Woods, Stuart…Distant Thunder: Barrington #63 (Mystery)