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Fairview City Library

Genealogy Department


Pictured above is the current Director of the Fairview City Library,

using the new Scan-Pro 1000 to search  newspaper articles on micofilm.

Our library has many titles available for patron use from our Genealogy Section.  This section of our library was established in part by the Major County Genealogy Society.   The Major County Genealogy Society*, and many private donors, make regular contributions to the content of this section. Among titles available for in-library use are map and plot records for cemeteries in Major County, as well as plat maps of much of Northwest Oklahoma dating back to the early 1900’s.

We also offer archived files of local newspapers on microfilm, as well as some other local files. Our microfilm files can be viewed on the Scan-Pro 1000. Because the Scan-Pro 1000 is attached to a computer, patrons have the ability to zoom in close or to digitally enhance images.

Thanks to the generosity and dedication of the Major County Genealogy Society and many local volunteers, we have an extensive obituary collection taken from the Fairview Republican and other local newspapers.  This collection has been thoughtfully and painstakingly indexed in book format and as a searchable online database.  We regularly receive obituary requests from around the United States.

Click here to access the Obituary Index Database.

Under the “Links” area of our website are more links to genealogy sites. If you know of other “FREE-ish” sites, please e-mail them to us at library at

*Please note that the Major County Genealogical Society has since disbanded. Library staff may have the name and phone number of someone willing to help with genealogy research.