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• New calendar and events page has been added. Will be posting Friends of the Library meetings as well as other events soon.

• Ask us about our new "e-Books"!

• The Fairview Library has a new Facebook page here

• The Library has laptops for in building use (a projector may be available).

• Make sure you have a good book - or three - to curl up with on a rainy afternoon!

Fairview City Library

Computers / Internet



To use our computer and/or internet, you will need to sign up for a library card and sign an internet policy agreement. For more information, please read the Fairview City Library Policies And Procedures in the Policies section.

We do make an exception for people who are traveling through town if they need to use a computer; they will not be asked to sign a form or get a library card.

Through the generosity of the OKConnect Grant, we received 10 new laptop computers.  These laptops are equipped with Microsoft Professional 2010 Plus.  One laptop is equipped with text-to-speech software, with priority usage for patrons with disabilities. Patrons using our computers have the capability to print for a nominal fee.

We also have two computers located in the Juvenile section.  One of these computers has educational games and is internet equipped.  The other computer has educational games but lacks an internet connection, and can be used by any child with or without a computer/internet policy. Neither of the computers in the Juvenile section has the capability to print.

In addition to free computer and internet access, we also offer a free wireless connection. Our wireless has a 50 Mbps connection.  Because of this, patrons have the ability to tele-conference from their own laptop, or from one of our laptops. 

Our library has a networked color scanner and the ability to scan a document to any computer except those in the Juvenile section.  If patrons have an email address, this gives them the capability to scan and email documents. 

We have black and white as well as color laser printers, and will make copies for a nominal fee. 

Also available is a fax machine, available to send or receive faxes for a nominal fee.  Those wishing to receive faxes at the library are strongly encouraged to call library staff ahead of time and during normal business hours in order to make arrangements and to confirm our fax number.