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Fairview Friends Of The Library


The Fairview Friends of the Library is a volunteer group of women and men who are interested in the development and progress of library services in Fairview, Oklahoma. They conduct fundraisers, assist the library staff and provide improvements to the library for the use and benefit of the general public. The Friends meet the third Tuesday at 6:00 pm in January, April, August, and October . If you are interested in becoming a Friend of the Library, please join us at the next meeting or talk with any of the library staff.

Twice a year, the Fairview Friends of the Library host a Book and Bake Sale at the American Legion Building at 6th and Central in Fairview, Oklahoma. The Book and Bake Sale is held on Saturday from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.  The Friends of the Library receives donations of books, audio books, and movies that are made available to the public for a donation.  Many delicious homemade baked goods are also available for purchase.

Current Fairview, Oklahoma, Friends of the Library (FOL) planning board are:

Chairperson:  Dorinda Morris

Treasurer:        Lori Martens

Secretary:        Carol Young

May 6, 2017 Book & Bake Sale

Books:  $588.17

Baked Goods:  $365.50

Total:   $953.67

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